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What is spam.? In simple way which are done by any user in search engines which is not allowed in Search engine optimization is called spam.

For example if we done SEO  in proper way it is  allowed methods and you will get in top position after 6 months. but some one done  SEO in not allowed method with in 1 month he will get in top position. Is it good..?  for that purpose google  appointed spammers. Their nature of work is always they observe who will doing SEO in not allowed method and they will punish.

Coming to practical example in one class there are two type of students are there, 1 group  wrote exams sincerely and another  group cheated and wrote exams. Then govt analysed and  for cheaters they appointed invigilators, they will cache the  cheaters and they will suspend whole  semester. In that way Google spammers also doing like invigilator job.

For cache the cheaters, who is doing SEO in not allowed method for that Google release Spam fighting Algorithms. Google changes its search algorithms every year, most of the internal algorithms. After 2011 google increased their updates regularly every year 5-10 major updates.

If you do wrong and negative technique in SEO process google immediately throughout from google. If google throughout your website from google can you expect any sales from google.  So we need to active in updates based on that you should change your website.

Major Google updates:
Google panda update: 

Learn Something Best | LSB

This is the first dangerous update by google.  Many websites affected by this google panda update. Google released this update on Feb 23, 2011.

What is the Google panda update..? This algorithm target the site with thin content, Duplicate content, Site with high ad-to content ratio etc., Before Google panda update some of the persons create page with thin content like 1 or  2 lines in page. This type of content affected by Panda update.

Then what is duplicate content ? some one copied content from one main web site like Wikipedia and then past in their website. who is doing this type bad activity they affected by Google panda update.

Site with high ad-to content ratio means  if you open one page it shows popup after closing that it goes to next page.  It will irritate the user, this type of websites affected by Google panda update.

Google Penguin update: 

Learn Something Best | LSB

Google released penguin update on April 24, 2014. The main concept of google penguin update it caches Fake links(Link Schemes),  there is no content but they will repeat keywords many times (Keyword stuffing) and Over optimization.

Main concept of penguin update is it caches Fake links, It will effect the low quality back links. For example one web site Page Rank is 0, If this website gives back link to other websites it is called low quality back links.

Mobile Friendly Update:

Learn Something Best | LSB This is the recent update.  Google released this update on April 2015.  The main purpose of the algorithm is to improve mobile search results. Because now a days every body preferring mobile friendly. If your web site is not mobile friendly your website will affect by Google Mobile Friendly update.

Then you will get one doubt. How can i  know which type updates google was released. We will provide some resources you must be active in Google updates, Otherwise your website will affect a lot.

You must design your website based on Google Updates

Google update Resources:

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