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Learn Something Best | LSB  We well know keyword research/identification  is a basic step and very very important step in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you failed in proper keyword research automatically you failed in SEO. So we need to analyse seriously. In this blog we are going to look process of keyword research in Professional way. Are you ready to learn…? Yes.

Product Categorization:

we must concentrate each every page in your website that means we should promote. So for that we need to analyse every page for doing SEO process.   For each and every page analyse we need to categorize our nice/topic/products.

For example you started one Electronic product selling web site, You are going to sell Cell phones and Laptops in online. How to categorize for doing SEO.?

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In this way we should categorize then for each page we need to search keywords. Which type of keywords our users using for reaching  to our exact page. ? How can i found? There are different methods are

Brainstorming technique:

Brainstorming technique is a process of analyzing the possible search teams which may be used by our valuable customers. So main concept of this technique is we need to give some work to our brain for getting new keywords. For example we are going to keyword research for Galaxy S7 page. How to use brainstorming technique?  we mush thinks for Galaxy S7 how our customers are thinking…….

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7
  2. Galaxy S7
  3. Galaxy S7 different colors
  4. Galaxy S7 Price
  5. Galaxy S7 best offers
  6. Galaxy S7 features
  7. Galaxy S7 battery backup
  8. Galaxy S7 OS   etc.,

In this way by using our brain we need to think about keywords.

Then you will get one doubt it is manual process of keyword research. Is there any software for finding proper keyword research…? Yes, Obviously Google providing one best Keyword Research tool.

  • With your mail Id we need to Sign in.

After Sign in you will reach Keyword planner.

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Then i will explain how to search Keywords this keyword planner.

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Learn Something Best | LSB

In this way we can Search this keywords are best or not. how many customers searched in this month.

Then coming to next tool in Keyword planner,  we can get related searching words

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Dear friends i think now you got some idea about keyword research. In this way practice and use different function like negative keyword(not useful for our page), Keywords filter(which word you don’t want we can filter), keyword include(with this word we need keywords) and Targeting area (State or country) etc., If you practice more and more you will get command in keyword research.

Tip: After research make a report in Excel sheet. which keyword is search by more peoples.

Once again i am telling Proper keyword research is very very important in doing Search Engine optimization(SEO).

Keyword Research: Types of search engine query, Short tail, long tail keywords imporatnce in SEO | Learn Something Best

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In business analysis we need to understand what is customer requirement based on that we must prepare our promotional activity like our website. So first we should know how our customer searching in Digital media(Internet).

For example If you want to buy one Samsung Phone in online, how you are going to search in Search engine may be Samsung j 7 in online or Samsung  J7 with best price etc., in different way we are searching in Internet. Is it right…?  yes.  As a business person you should find how our customers are searching our related products in Search Engine.  That type of key words you must concentrate in our web page. then only we can convert our customers  to our website. For finding the best key word we need to do some Key word Research.

What is Keyword Research.? It is the process of finding the best suitable keywords for a business to optimize the site and generate conversions.

In SEO process Keyword research is basic and first step. Keyword research plays very very important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process. If you failed in Key word research automatically you failed in SEO process. So we need to more concentrate on Keyword research. Before going to key words research we need to know some definitions/means.

In search engine which type of queries our customers are searching…?  can you expect all searching query is it profitable for our business? No. For example i am providing Digital marketing Services. One person searched in google search engine  ” Digital Marketing” Can you guess he is looking for digital marketing service or Training or definition.

Different type of Search Query:

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Informational  Search Queries:

Intention of this type of Informational  query is user want to learn something, user want to know some information.

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For Example: How old Narendra Modi?  What is Digital Marketing?, Distance between Chennai and Tirupathi.? etc.,

Navigational Search Queries:

The user is looking to reach specific brand or web site or location.

Learn Something Best | LSBFor Example: State bank of India, Amazon login, YouTube etc.,

Transactional Search Queries:

When Consumer types in transactional search queries they are ready to buy or make a transaction. If some one typed “Samsung galaxy in online” that means consumer is interested to buy a mobile.

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In Search Engine process we searched with different words. There is a no limitation for words to use in search engine  it may be 1 word, 2 words – – – 5+ words etc.,

keywords based on length:

Mainly it is 3 types

  1. Short tail keyword
  2. Medium tail Keyword
  3. Long tail Keyword
Short tail keyword:

Short tail keyword means it consist 1-2 Words, With this type of short tail keyword we can’t expect exact user requirement/Query.

For Example User searched in Search Engine like” Digital Marketing” it is short tail keyword. We can’t expect user exact query.

In Search engine process we will get high volume short tail keyword queries and High competition.

Medium tail Keyword:

Medium tail keyword means it consist 3-4 words, This type key words competition and query volume also medium.

Example: Digital Marketing Training.

Long tail keyword:

Long tail keywords means it consist 5+ words, this type of keywords are specific query, Low competition and high conversion rate.

Example: Best digital marketing training in Chennai.

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Search Engine Algorithm, Google panda, Google penguin, Mobile friendly updates for SEO | Learn Something Best

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What is spam.? In simple way which are done by any user in search engines which is not allowed in Search engine optimization is called spam.

For example if we done SEO  in proper way it is  allowed methods and you will get in top position after 6 months. but some one done  SEO in not allowed method with in 1 month he will get in top position. Is it good..?  for that purpose google  appointed spammers. Their nature of work is always they observe who will doing SEO in not allowed method and they will punish.

Coming to practical example in one class there are two type of students are there, 1 group  wrote exams sincerely and another  group cheated and wrote exams. Then govt analysed and  for cheaters they appointed invigilators, they will cache the  cheaters and they will suspend whole  semester. In that way Google spammers also doing like invigilator job.

For cache the cheaters, who is doing SEO in not allowed method for that Google release Spam fighting Algorithms. Google changes its search algorithms every year, most of the internal algorithms. After 2011 google increased their updates regularly every year 5-10 major updates.

If you do wrong and negative technique in SEO process google immediately throughout from google. If google throughout your website from google can you expect any sales from google.  So we need to active in updates based on that you should change your website.

Major Google updates:
Google panda update: 

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This is the first dangerous update by google.  Many websites affected by this google panda update. Google released this update on Feb 23, 2011.

What is the Google panda update..? This algorithm target the site with thin content, Duplicate content, Site with high ad-to content ratio etc., Before Google panda update some of the persons create page with thin content like 1 or  2 lines in page. This type of content affected by Panda update.

Then what is duplicate content ? some one copied content from one main web site like Wikipedia and then past in their website. who is doing this type bad activity they affected by Google panda update.

Site with high ad-to content ratio means  if you open one page it shows popup after closing that it goes to next page.  It will irritate the user, this type of websites affected by Google panda update.

Google Penguin update: 

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Google released penguin update on April 24, 2014. The main concept of google penguin update it caches Fake links(Link Schemes),  there is no content but they will repeat keywords many times (Keyword stuffing) and Over optimization.

Main concept of penguin update is it caches Fake links, It will effect the low quality back links. For example one web site Page Rank is 0, If this website gives back link to other websites it is called low quality back links.

Mobile Friendly Update:

Learn Something Best | LSB This is the recent update.  Google released this update on April 2015.  The main purpose of the algorithm is to improve mobile search results. Because now a days every body preferring mobile friendly. If your web site is not mobile friendly your website will affect by Google Mobile Friendly update.

Then you will get one doubt. How can i  know which type updates google was released. We will provide some resources you must be active in Google updates, Otherwise your website will affect a lot.

You must design your website based on Google Updates

Google update Resources:

Google Search Engine Algorithm: Page Rank, Spelling Check, Synonym check, Query understanding, Click Through Rate (CTR) | Learn Something Best

Google Search Engine AlgorithmEverybody will get one doubt when ever we are  searching some query in google search engines  how google will give 1st priority or next priority…? Is there any conditions.? Yes that is not a condition, Some factors is there. Because Search engine team always trying to give quick answers, better result, Best possible way to give solution. For that reason Google is making one powerful Program that is Google Algorithm.

Search Engine Algorithm:

These algorithm helps the Search engines to get relevant information from database. Regularly google developing many algorithms to make the results more relevant to users.  now we are going to discuss some of the google algorithms.

Page Rank:

Page rank is an Algorithm. It is used by google search to rank the websites in their search engine results. Based on page rank google measures the importance of website page.  The values of page rank is measures from 0-10.  Then how we will get good page rank……?  Based on no.of external back links(References) google will calculate the page rank. What is back links…?

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For example in above diagram you will get some idea about back link concept. Page A giving back links to Page B and Page C. page B getting 2 back links, Page A getting 1 back link.

For your understanding purpose coming to one practical example,  You started  one Supper market name called “XYZ Super market”. you invested lot of money for that Super Market. you are selling with best prices.  Mr.A brought some products in your super market, then he will informed to his friends Mr.B and Mr.C in XYZ super market they are selling very good prices. so XYZ Super market get 2 references, Based on this way they will get more leads and sales finally their business is good. In this way when we get more back links(References) from  different pages you will get good page rank(PR).

Spelling check:

Google have very good power full database. If we entered  some spelling mistakes in search box. Automatically it will give correct word it will collect from in their database.

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Synonym check:

With google database when ever we search one query that related synonyms also it shows.

Learn Something Best | LSB Query understanding:

When ever we searching some query, google try to understanding what we are searching. For ExampleLearn Something Best | LSB

Click Through Rate (CTR):

Click through rate(CTR) is one of the powerful factor in Search Engine factor.  CTR measures how many users are clicking on the website in search results. By using CTR we can understand the user response and engagement.

Formula for CTR: (No.of clicks / No.of impressions) x 100.

For example when ever customer searching one keyword that time your web page will appear in search result, no.of appearance in search result is nothing but Impression. When user click the web site then it is click. many times Our web page appear in search result but some times only user will click the page.

CTR:  (25/50) X 100 = 50%

Search Engines Result page:

Search Interface is nothing but area which you and I watch the result and where you get results is called Search Interface or Search Engine result page.

There is a two type of results is there.

  1. Paid Results
  2. Non Paid Results.

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Paid: They are paying money to Google to get top position.

Non Paid: Based on google search engines algorithm/factor it will get in top position.

How Search Engines Works…?

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We all well-know in 21st century internet is one of our best friend in our life. Now a days without internet facility we are unable to update our-self. Is it right…? Yes. At this time if you want to buy any thing or if you want learn new things  we  look Internet.  Just think how internet giving these details to us…? Because of Search Engines only. who is Search Engines…? Search engines nothing but our Google, Yahoo, bing, Ask etc.,

When ever i am searching something in internet. I thought how Google knows all these details not only single topic and how these details google collected from different websites(Sources)…? For example in Google database some Lac’s of Crores pages or documents are there. With in milliseconds how it will give  exact information what you want. That is the power of Google Search Engines. Now we are going to have a look how search engines work….?

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In World Wide Web (WWW) contains  some billions of pages with different topics. Each page consist there own unique document. What ever we prepare blogs or pages etc., will placed in World wide web.  Every day 24 X 7 google  Crawler scans the world wide web. Always google crawler crawls  what are the  new updates this sec …? Because every micro second new updates happened in World wide like News, Articles, Products lunching, Movie updates etc.,

We can check at which time google crawls our website, For Example

Learn Something Best | LSB

After crawling, the crawler will sends the data to Store. All the documents, Files, images, Videos etc., will stored in Store. In Store all data’s are mixed for example Agriculture files, Politics, Engineering, Movies, Songs, online purchase etc., Indexer will segregate the based on niche (Topic).  Then indexer remove some of the file like empty pages, virus, Under construction pages etc.,  After removing some files then indexer sorted based on Contents.

We can check specific website how many pages it consists For example  

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When ever  we entered keywords in Google search engine  it will check with different factors of google algorithm  based on it will give the preference of pages. Google algorithm place major role in Search Engines Optimizations.

  Search Engine Architecture with practical example:

Suppose you are planning to make one library. First we need go to Books market area and we must  visit different book shops. From each book shop you will collect some books and with the help of vehicle you shifted to one store. Then Librarian segregates the books based on subjects or topics.  Then he will arrange in racks with unique numbers based on topics. When ever students want books they will come and they will ask to librarian then he will check in his system, then librarian will inform rack number, then student will go and collect the book.

Some of the Search Engines:

Google: It is most popular Search Engine in the world.

Bing:  It was launched by Microsoft in the year of  2009. It is a web Search engines.

Ask: It was founded in 1996.  It originally known as Ask jeeves.

Altravista: It was launched in 1995, since 2003 it was powered by yahoo technology.

Some of the Interesting blogs:

How to appear our website in top position in google search….? 

How to appear our website in Top position in Google search…?

Learn Something Best | LSB

Now a days google is mandatory for our day to day life. If you want to know any thing like Movies, online purchase, Education etc., our mind suggest ” Go to Google, you will get no.of Sources”. Is it right…? Yes Obviously.

I think you will get one doubt. I have one web site, it is well designed with useful content also. But if i searched my web site related content my website not appearing  in 1st page in Google search. Why…? Now a days no one is not prefer to go to 5th page in Google search. Every body prefer 1st page only that to top 5 or top 10.

Learn Something Best | LSB

To appear your website in top position we need to implement certain logic’s, add certain content in our website as per Search Engine Guidelines. Then only our website appears in top position.

  Why should i do that implementation in my web site…..?

For Example in one busy market you have one Cell phone shop, Near by your shop many cell phone shops also there. Why should i come to your shop only. You should do some  interior design, must maintain good lighting facility and attractive banner etc., then customer will come to you shop because from road only customer attracted your shop. Is it right…? Yes obviously. They will buy or not that is secondary, First you must attract them.  Like this way we need to do some implementation in our own website.  Then Google will understand this website have positive features. Then search Engine will give ranking to your page.

What are the major steps for Search Engine Optimization….?

In any business Analytical thinking is the major thing. First you must analyse your customer requirements. What type of keywords our customers are searching…? Which keywords they are searching…?, How many customers are searching same type of keyword….? Etc., we need to do this work.

Now a days competitor analysis also one of the biggest task. Based on  competitor we need to do some of the additional activities to attract the customers and Search Engine.

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For Example You searched “Samsung mobile in online” You got offer from 1. Snapdeal 2. Amazon 3. Flipkart 4. Samsung 5. infibeam etc.,  Based on competitor you must do optimization. With Search Engine Optimization you can beat the brand also. In above example you searched Samsung mobile but in search engine brand will get 4th position, Because with that keyword Snapdeal, Amazon and Flipkart doing some more Search Engine optimization activity.

After analyzing all the details you need to do Some technical activities.  For Technical activity we have mainly two process are there 1. On Page Optimization: You need to change keywords in your website.  2. Off page Optimization: you need to get links from other networks like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.,

Why should i do SEO for Our Website….?
  • 90% of peoples are looking for information on Search Engine.
  • We can generate more traffic to our website.
  • It will help to generate more leads and Sales.

In Search Engine Optimization with in a night you can’t get more Leads and Sales.


Facebook Page for Business promotion

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          We all well know Facebook is best platform for Business promotion. That is correct. So why can’t  i promote my business through Facebook profile.? yes you can  promote. But just a minute. we have one more best feature in Facebook for Business promotion. Why can’t we start that feature for Marketing activity ..? Yes we can start. what is that feature..? that is Facebook business  page. So today we are going to discuss about how to create Facebook Business page. Are you ready to learn about Facebook page…? okay Let’s start.
        Immediately you will get one doubt. Already my business have one Facebook profile. Again why should i go for Facebook page..? Yes. In my point of view Facebook Profile is Limited package and Facebook Page Unlimited package. In Business point of view every body want unlimited leads and Unlimited Sales. Is it correct? Yes. Then why you are waiting ? let’s start for getting Unlimited leads and Sales.
        Facebook profile is like Parent and Facebook business page is like one of the children of Facebook. So First we need to give respect to Facebook profile. we must make proper Facebook Profile. Then we can go for Facebook page. Without Facebook profile also we can create Facebook page but not that much good for Marketing. In my point of view after creating Facebook profile then you go for Facebook page.  Then you will get one doubt What is the difference between Facebook profile and Facebook Page in features point of view..? In simple way Facebook profile for Personal and Facebook page for Business or organisation.

Advantages of Facebook Page for Business:

Learn Something Best | LSB
  • By using Facebook page we can interact with more and more new customers.
  • We can get more fans through Facebook Page(Unlimited fans), In Facebook profile it is limited 5k (Friends).
  • Through Facebook page we can analyse how peoples are interacting with our business page. Based on that we need to change way of approach and right time to approach.
  • You can target exact customers Location, Gender, Age Group etc.,

How can i use Facebook for Product Promotion in my business…..?

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           In every business, Product Promotion is a biggest task for any business person. If you are started business newly without product promotion or company promotion no one don’t know who you are. Then coming to the well established company in the market. Is there any promotion activity  is it required..?  Yes definitely promotional activity required, because of you will get new customer leads and you can generate  new sales from existing customer, immediately you will get one doubt, already we are well established company in market why should i do promotional activity..? Okay you are well established brand in market, suppose you launched one new product how it will reach your existing customers every day they won’t visit your web site for your new updates. Is it right…? Yes.
         Now a days no one is not thinking for spending money in Product promotion activity. Some of the business persons are spending thousands of money per day  for product promotion (Advertisements).  Because if they spend money in proper way for promotional activity definitely they will get return over money. But most of the peoples are failed in Product promotional activity. that’s why they failed in business.
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         Why many business persons are failed in product promotions. I am accepting they are doing marketing activity and they are spending more and more money in Marketing activity. For example you want to promote one product in market for that you recruited one sales person he visited every day 10-15 Customers and he will get 4-5 positive feedback now a days 4-5 customers  is it okay for your business…? and then coming to the another example you launched one new mobile it will attract youth, so you given advertisement in news paper and TV. think a minute now a days youth are reading news papers or watching TV.? No so you spent more money for Paper and TV advertisement automatically you failed in product promotion as well as Business.
We need to to change our promotional activity with economically and Effectively.
        First we need to think where our customers are spending more time..? obviously you know that is Internet especially Facebook. Why should you attract your customers in Facebook….?
        Facebook is one of the biggest social media network in the world. In India nearly 195+Million peoples having accounts in that 69+ Million users are Active users in daily. Why should you use Facebook for your product promotion or marketing activity..?
Learn Something Best | LSB
   In Facebook 3 major powerful marketing tools are there by using that we can promote our products and Brand. that is…
1. Facebook Business Page
2. Facebook Group
3. Facebook App.
    Today we are going to discuss about How Facebook page is useful for Product Promotion.
Learn Something Best | LSB
Facebook Page:
Facebook page is one of the greatest tool for Facebook marketing. How it is helpful for business.?
Task: You have one ladies hand bags shop in  Chennai. How you are going to promote….?
In traditional method you will give advertisement in News paper or TV etc., in this task you need to concentrate Gender: Girls, Location: Chennai, Age Group: 18-30. Is it possible to approach these things in Traditional method(News paper/ TV).? No, It is not possible. and we need to spend more money (Thousands per day).

Then what is the economical and smart solution for promoting Ladies hand bags in Chennai…? yes we have one economical and Powerful solution that is promoting product through Facebook business page. How.? First you should create one Facebook page in your Facebook Account. In that business page you can Filter your requirement Gender, Age, Location, Area of Interest etc., In this Facebook business page you can approach thousands of customers per a day. Facebook marketing price starts from Rs.0.

Learn Something Best | LSB
    My dear friends i think you will get some basic idea about Facebook marketing. Coming blogs i will write how to create business page and some tips.
Thank you………..

Think a minute for Business development in smart way…..

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      Many peoples are failed in their business.Why they are failed in a business…? With big thoughts they are starting business. After 6 months sales is less, that means we failed in product/Company promotion. Is it right…? yes. We are failed in product promotion. We need to think in smart way for promoting of our brand or product. What is that smart way…..? First we need to think how we can interact with more costumers. Is there any possibility…? Yes we can interact with more and more in   easy way.
    Now a days internet is one of the part in human livings. Really it is required for our day to day life also. In India, internet user is 34% of india population. Why should i focus this internet as a my promotion media…? Yes we can use. There are many ways is there in internet for Product promotion. To be a successful Seller/Business man, you need to choose right platform for promoting our product. One of the right platform is Social media. Is it possible to marketing our products through Social media…? Yes.

What is Social Media…?

Let’s talk each word individually.
Social means interaction with other people by sharing information with them and Receiving information from them. Communication in two way.
Media means it is a communication device. Like Internet.
So finally Social Media is a communication tool that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and Consuming information.
Learn Something Best | LSB
Now a days with out at least one social media account no one is not using Internet. Social media is nothing but Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Google + etc.,
Social Media users in India:
Facebook: 195+ Millions,
Linked In: 35 Millions,
Twitter: 26 Millions.
Why can’t i use these Social media for Marketing purpose…? Yes we can use.

What is Social Media Marketing…?

          It is a marketing technique to gaining more traffic and Product/Brand awareness using Social media.
Learn Something Best | LSB
          Social media plays a major role in business promotion. Whether your business is small or large, Online or Offline. Social media is great opportunity in Marketing activities. We can easily connect with customers.

Need of social Media Marketing(SMM):

          As a human being with out any use or profit no one is not interesting to do. That is nature of Human. Am i right…?  yes, Now i will explain that profit/Use.

Increase Brand Awareness:

Learn Something Best | LSB

              If you are going to promoting your brand in social media, You need to display in front of your customer who you are. You must create company profile in some of the big social media networks like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google + etc.,  what type of support your going to give, which type of products you are going to sell etc.,
Learn Something Best | LSB
             How much time we need to spend in each Social media….? That you should decide based on which network our customers is spending more time. In which network our customers are less based you should spend your time. For example You are going to sell Cell phones which network is suitable. Obviously through Facebook we can catch more customers.

Even every politician are using Facebook and twitter  because of they are promoting party and activities.

Increase the Leads and Sales:

            Now people know who you are, It is time to turn people into leads. In directly social media won’t give leads. It will give traffic to your web site.

Learn Something Best | LSB
Advertisement on Facebook

          Every post you make in Social media is an opportunity to customer to convert. This is give and take policy. As a seller you are giving best price to customer, Customer buy with best price, so here Social media is a mediator.

Common usage of basic helping verb- “AM”

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English is a global language. Nowadays everybody struggling with English . Am i right? Yes. who is struggling with english.? Many students are failed in their interviews. If you asked to them they will give only one answer and common answer i have stuff in Subjects but i am unable to expose my feelings in English language. Is it true..? Yes.

My dear friends,

I observed these things from many of my friends. For this reason i would like to share what i learned from Internet, Seniors and Others some of the basics in English. Shall i go…..?

Today i would like to discuss about one of the basic helping verb called –   “AM “.

When should i use am..?, why should i use Am..? Where should i use Am..?
In simple way i am going to give answers for your doubts. Are you ready…? okay.

  • “Am” is one of the basic helping verb in English language.
  • This helping verb use must use with subject called “I”. Don’t use Am with other subjects.                                                 I    Am

When should i use “Am” in Sentence….?

1. When you are talking about identity of person, You can use ”Am”.

For Example: I am a Teacher,
I am a Doctor,
I am a Student.
In above all sentences we are using Am with subject I. And we are talking about present identity of me (I), with noun we are telling about Identity.

2. When you are talking about temporary action done by person called “I”, Here temporary means short time.
For Example: I am writing,
I am running,
I am eating.

3. When action is continuous in regular basis, You can use “Am”. 
For Example:I am taking treatment,
I am speaking English.
Here verb is in ‘ing’ form.

4. If you describes the person(Am with Adjective),  you can use Am.
For Example: I am Good,
I am tall,
I am happy.

5.  Am with Preposition.
Preposition will help you in talking about time, place etc.,
For Example: I am at Office.
I am in India.

6. Am with Adverb
For Example: I am here.
I am there.

7. Am with past participle/(ed) form
Which actions are not done by me(I), But somebody else.
For Example: I am Motivated by my Brother( Action are done to me)
I am inspired by my father.

Here verb in past participle form. 5 Different form of verbs we discussed already.

How to make more sentences with “Am”…?

Till we learned positive sentence. This is not enough for us. We need to learn more sentences with “Am”  As a human every time we are not ready to give to answers to others. We need to questioning our selves. Okay buy how….?
We take one sentence
I am happy.  (Positive )
Am i Happy…?( Interrogative)
In this way you can make more sentences.

For Example:Am i a teacher?
Am i speaking?
Am i good?
Am i at Office?
Am i here?
Am i motivated by my brother?

Suppose some one asked to you Are you a doctor? But you are not a doctor, you are a teacher. How to give reply to that person….? In Simple way.

We take one sentence
I am a Doctor.
I am not a doctor. I am a teacher.
Just after “Am” add not, That is nothing but negative sentences.

For Example: I am not Speaking.
I am not a teacher.
I am not at Office.
I am not here.
I am not motivated by my brother.

Then coming to Negative interrogative, Negative Questioning our selves.

For Example: Am i not good?
Am i not a doctor?
Am i not office?
Am i not here?
Am i not motivated by my brother.

Dear friends i think you will get some idea in Using ‘Am’ in sentences. Learning and understanding these things are very simple we need to practice more and more then you will get command.

If you make a one sentence easily you will get 4 sentences.
For Example:
I am a doctor.
Am i a doctor?
I am not a doctor.
Am i not a Doctor?

Thanks for your attention, ALL THE BEST.