History of Search Engine

History of Search Engine:

History of Search Engines

Nowadays the internet is one of the part in our day to day life. Even 3 years old to 70+ years old peoples also addicted to the internet. In this internet world,  Search Engines is one of the important part and it plays a very crucial role. so what is the Search Engine.? What is the history of Search Engines…?

What is a Search Engines…?

A Search Engines is a program. That collects documents, files for keywords from different websites. In simple words, search Engines is like a Library.

A program that searches files/ Documents for specific keywords and it gives a list of documents or files where the keywords found.

The goal of many websites is to appear in the first Search Engine Page with most popular keywords based on their business.

Some of the Top Search Engines: Google, Bing,  Ask, Baidu,  AOL etc.,

Search Engines working process.

What is the History of a Search Engines…?

The World first Search Engines implemented with the name of ‘Archie’ in 1990. The founder of Archie was Alan Emtage, He was a student of McGill University. It is a basic Search Engine.

Archie Search Engine

History of Search Engines

Top search engines

Every body think search engine are Google, Yahoo/Bing only. Is it right…? Yes. But many other search engines also available and still they serve millions of search queries per day. It is the shocking information for most of the people but it is real fact/true.

Google is not only search engine available in internet.  There are number of search engines are available for internet users.


We  well know about google search engine, It is the No.1 Search Engine in the world.

The  founder of google search engine was Larry page & Sergey Brin in 1998. 85% of internet users prefer Google search Engine.


Bing is one of the best search engine,  It is the 3rd largest search engine on the web in terms of Query volume.

3% of internet users are prefer Bing search Engine.

on July 29, 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo announced, In which Bing would power yahoo search.

6.15% of internet users are using yahoo search engine. So Totally 9.15+% of users using bing Search engine.


Normally Ask.com search engine receives approximatly 3% of query search.  Ask.com is a Question/Answer formate type of queries.

Some of the best Search engines:





Internet Archive,


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