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Money making from online with your talent

Dear friends, Now a days in global everybody is troubling to get  new jobs. After finishing our graduation or post graduation our real life will starts, So you required one good job, So you need to fight with getting good job. Every day we are taking our resume and attending many interviews..finally they will in-form to you, “YOU ARE NOT SELECTED”. Then again you need to start searching for another interview. Automatically your interest will decrease. Obviously it is true.

Why can’t you give job to yourself…?

Automatically in your mind you will get one doubt. Hey Mr. Mohan if i have financial  background why should i attend interviews, i will start own business.  I don’t have money that’s why i am running for getting at least small job. my dear friend you are correct. But really i am telling ” For making money financial background is not required, If you have talent money automatically follows you, If you don’t have talent don’t worry, If you have strong desire to earn good amount of money, automatically you are going to success in your life. And strong desire is not sufficient you must do smart and hard work with patience.

I believe one thing everybody have some min talent are you agree with me or not?  dear friend think one minute about your self and talk with yourself like ” What type of talent i have..? In which topic i have good knowledge..? etc.,” really i am telling defiantly you have knowledge about at least one topic. If it is not i will give one simple story to you.

We all know one of the large animal is Elephant. That much of large animal listen trainer instructions. why? how? When elephant is a little baby and it doesn’t have power that time trainer put big rope around it’s leg. The elephant fight and fight and fight it was failed to break a rope.  One day finally elephant decide i am not capable to break this rope. After deciding that it won’t try anymore.

In our life also same things happening, we are not recognizing our talent. always we are thinking like elephant. Everybody will tell many times i tried but i failed why should i try again anyway i am going to fail. Dear friend  try and try and try until success come to your foot.

Okay, If you are ready to try for getting success in your life. you can continue with next step. if you are thinking like elephant you can skip this page.

How can i earn money with my talent from online…?

Now a days everybody have some basic knowledge in computer and English. Not required very good knowledge at initial stage. If you are continuously doing automatically you will get very good knowledge in computer operating and fluent of English.

Now a days Digital Marketing is booming field in the world. because everybody is  trying to buy from online no one is not interesting to go and buy the product. So automatically online marketing will grow.  why shouldn’t we catch this online marketing/Digital Marketing..? Yes we can catch and we can earn money.

So we need to know about how to do digital marketing…? Hey Mr. Mohan we don’t have time and money to learn about digital marketing course. Dear friend money is not required just give me 1 hour time i will explain in simple way. Just have a look this link: Digital Marketing basic tips with free of cost for your success.   

Then you will get one doubt. Okay i learn digital marketing. What is the benefit for me? how can i earn money from digital marketing..? Don’t worry i will give some different options to you. then you can decide which option is better for you.

Google Adsense with blog or Website:

Blog is nothing but write article about what you well know about any useful topic to users. Like about laptops, movie reviews, mobiles, beauty tips, tourist places, courses, best offers etc.,

Now a days many peoples are earning Lacs of money per month, But with-in a night or with-in a month it is not possible, At least you should work out min 6 months to 1 years for getting reasonable amounts.  Amount is depending on no. of your blog viewers/traffic. For getting traffic you should do proper SEO techniques.

Then you will get one doubt how can i earn money with blog views.?  It is a simple by using Google adsense you can post adds in your website or blog. You will get some % of money when any one clicks on adds. The revenue will increase based on the no. of visitors to your website or blog.

To earn good amount of income from adsense you must do hard work at least 6 months for your blog. This strategy is better for long term business.

Freelancing for Online Money Earning:

If you have good knowledge in Digital Marketing and English, Freelancing is the best way to earn money from home. There are many websites offering best projects with best income. You need to submit bidding and once you get project after completing your project you will get amount.

For getting freelancing projects you should build your own portfolio.

Some of the best freelancing websites


Affiliate Marketing:

In affiliate marketing we can earn money with commission basis. In this method we need  to promote others products and you will get some commission on that sale. You can earn very good amount in this method also. Again i am telling in affiliate marketing also with in a day we can’t earn money. According to your blog or website you can choose affiliate programs.

One of the best affiliate program is Share a sale. Share a sale offers all type of affiliate programs. Just sign up and try.  

Some of the affiliate programs:

Why should i do hard work for success…?

In the above i given 3 major source to online  money earning techniques. But all process if you want to success you must do hard work at least 6 months with patience.

For your understanding i will give small story. We all know about Eagle. It can live up to 70 years.  At the year of 40 its long and sharp beak becomes bent. The feathers become old and thick & Heavy. With thick and heavy feathers it is very difficulty to fly. Now Eagle have only two options 1. DIE or 2. Do painful hard work for change.

The process requires that the eagle fly to a mountain top and then the eagle knocks it’s beak against a rock until its plucks it out. Then eagle will wait for new beak. Then it will pluck out its talons. then it will wait for new talon. once they get new talon after 30 years it can live very beautiful life. For this process eagle required 6 months. If eagle is not ready for spend 6 months for this hard working process it will suffer a lot of problem  for food and etc.,

So my dear friends try to work hard at least 6 months, after that you will get some confidence then automatically you will continue. As a friend i am giving sources to earn money. If you are ready to start blog or website we can continue how to start blog or website. If you are not ready for doing hard work you can skip.

How can i create Website or Blog…?

For creating blog or website there is no required of programming knowledge.

  1. You must buy proper web hosting with free domain name
  2. By using wordpress technology you can create blog or website.

How to buy proper web hosting…?

My dear friend, in market there is a number of web hosting services are available. You must select proper and good web hosting services. Otherwise you will face problem in future. How can we know which web hosting is best in market.  I will suggest one of the popular web hosting Service is Blue Hosting. Check plans: Different plans.

My suggestion for initial stage you choose basic plan with free domain. dear friend unnecessarily we are spending lot of money for unnecessary things. Just one time try defiantly you will success.

Blue host web Hosting with Free domain click and buy with less price.  

Blue host offering 28%  special discount, Use promo code: AFFMAY17 

How can i design my blog with Word press technology…?

One of the popular blogger write this book. how to use word press for creating blog or website  with Rs.66 buy and learn.

The Ultimate WordPress Guide : Start a Perfect Blog in 30 Minutes 

Wish you all the best.

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