Facebook Page for Business promotion

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          We all well know Facebook is best platform for Business promotion. That is correct. So why can’t  i promote my business through Facebook profile.? yes you can  promote. But just a minute. we have one more best feature in Facebook for Business promotion. Why can’t we start that feature for Marketing activity ..? Yes we can start. what is that feature..? that is Facebook business  page. So today we are going to discuss about how to create Facebook Business page. Are you ready to learn about Facebook page…? okay Let’s start.
        Immediately you will get one doubt. Already my business have one Facebook profile. Again why should i go for Facebook page..? Yes. In my point of view Facebook Profile is Limited package and Facebook Page Unlimited package. In Business point of view every body want unlimited leads and Unlimited Sales. Is it correct? Yes. Then why you are waiting ? let’s start for getting Unlimited leads and Sales.
        Facebook profile is like Parent and Facebook business page is like one of the children of Facebook. So First we need to give respect to Facebook profile. we must make proper Facebook Profile. Then we can go for Facebook page. Without Facebook profile also we can create Facebook page but not that much good for Marketing. In my point of view after creating Facebook profile then you go for Facebook page.  Then you will get one doubt What is the difference between Facebook profile and Facebook Page in features point of view..? In simple way Facebook profile for Personal and Facebook page for Business or organisation.

Advantages of Facebook Page for Business:

Learn Something Best | LSB
  • By using Facebook page we can interact with more and more new customers.
  • We can get more fans through Facebook Page(Unlimited fans), In Facebook profile it is limited 5k (Friends).
  • Through Facebook page we can analyse how peoples are interacting with our business page. Based on that we need to change way of approach and right time to approach.
  • You can target exact customers Location, Gender, Age Group etc.,