The Legend of Neelkanta:-

Puranas contain several stories and legends describing the origin of this festival. According to one, during the Samudra Manthan, a pot of poison emerged from the ocean. This frightened the Gods and demons because the poison was capable of destroying the complete world and that they ran to Shiva for help. To Protect the world from its evil effects, Shiva drank the deathly poison but held it in his throat rather than swallowing it. This made his throat turn blue, and he was given the name Neelakantha, the blue-throated one. Shivaratri is that the celebration of this event by which Shiva saved the world.

Shiva’s Birthday – the Emergence of Shivalinga:-

According to another legend within the Shiva Purana, once the opposite two of the triads of Hindu Gods, Brahma, and Vishnu, were fighting over who was the superior of the two. Horrified at the intensity of the battle, the opposite gods asked Shiva to intervene. To make them understand the futility of their fight, Shiva assumed the shape of an enormous column of fire in between Brahma and Vishnu. Awestruck by its magnitude, they determined to search out one finish every to determine ascendancy over the opposite. Brahma assumed the shape of a swan and went upwards and Vishnu as Varaha went into the planet. However light has no limit and though they searched for thousands of miles, neither might notice the top. On his journey upwards, Brahma discovered a Ketaki flower wafting down slowly. once asked wherever she had come back from, the Ketaki replied that she had been placed at the highest of the fiery column as an offering. Unable to search out the top limit, Brahma determined to finish his search and take the flower as a witness.

At this, the angry Shiva revealed his true form. He punished Brahma for telling a lie and cursed him that nobody would ever pray to him. The Ketaki flower too was banned from being used as an offering for any worship, as she had testified incorrectly. Since it had been on a the14th day within the dark half of the month of Phalguna that Shiva first manifested himself within the type of a Linga, the day is especially auspicious and is widely known as Mahashivaratri. worshiping Shiva on this present day is believed to bestow one happily and prosperity.

Why is Shivratri Celebrated:-

The Great Night of Shiva Celebrated on the phase of the moon night within the month of Phalguna (generally falls in early March), and is devoted to Lord Shiva. discovered particularly by married ladies to confirm the long life of their husbands, it consists of a full day’s fast and anointing the idol of Shiva with milk, water, and honey.

Literally ‘the great night of Shiva’, celebrated on the moonless night of the month of Phalguna, that is the fourteenth day within the dark half, this festival is specially dedicated to Shiva, the destroyer. This can be a very important day for the devotees of Shiva, who stay awake throughout the night, praying to him. In all major centers of Shivalinga worship, Shivaratri additionally referred to as Mahashivaratri, maybe a grand occasion. From the very early morning, Shiva temples are flocked by devotees, largely ladies, who come to perform the traditional  Shivalinga worship and hence hope for favors from the god. during the day, devotees abstain from eating food and break they’re fast only the next morning, after the nightlong worship.

According to the Shiva Purana, the Mahashivaratri puja involves six steps Which are:
  1. Taking bath within the Gange for purification of soul, mind, and body. Bathing of the ShivaLinga with the holy water of Gange, then bathing with milk and honey. God Shiva loves bel patra (three leaves pedunculate in one) so every ritual added it to the puja.
  2. After bathing of the Shiva Linga, vermilion paste applied on that which represents the virtue.
  3. Offer fruits, flowers that are given to get long life and satisfaction of wishes.
  4. Burning enrages yields wealth.
  5. The lighting with Diya represents achieving more knowledge.
  6. Offering betel leaves offer satisfaction full of great pleasures.

Worshipers also apply three horizontal lines of holy ash on their forehead just like Lord Shiva that represents spiritual knowledge, cleanliness, and penance. They wear garland created from the Rudraksha (seed of Rudraksha tree) while worshiping Lord Shiva. It’s believed that Rudraksha tree was originated from the tears of Lord Shiva. Shivaratri is also considered as the wedding day of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati…


History of Search Engine

History of Search Engine:

History of Search Engines

Nowadays the internet is one of the part in our day to day life. Even 3 years old to 70+ years old peoples also addicted to the internet. In this internet world,  Search Engines is one of the important part and it plays a very crucial role. so what is the Search Engine.? What is the history of Search Engines…?

What is a Search Engines…?

A Search Engines is a program. That collects documents, files for keywords from different websites. In simple words, search Engines is like a Library.

A program that searches files/ Documents for specific keywords and it gives a list of documents or files where the keywords found.

The goal of many websites is to appear in the first Search Engine Page with most popular keywords based on their business.

Some of the Top Search Engines: Google, Bing,  Ask, Baidu,  AOL etc.,

Search Engines working process.

What is the History of a Search Engines…?

The World first Search Engines implemented with the name of ‘Archie’ in 1990. The founder of Archie was Alan Emtage, He was a student of McGill University. It is a basic Search Engine.

Archie Search Engine

History of Search Engines

Top search engines

Every body think search engine are Google, Yahoo/Bing only. Is it right…? Yes. But many other search engines also available and still they serve millions of search queries per day. It is the shocking information for most of the people but it is real fact/true.

Google is not only search engine available in internet.  There are number of search engines are available for internet users.


We  well know about google search engine, It is the No.1 Search Engine in the world.

The  founder of google search engine was Larry page & Sergey Brin in 1998. 85% of internet users prefer Google search Engine.


Bing is one of the best search engine,  It is the 3rd largest search engine on the web in terms of Query volume.

3% of internet users are prefer Bing search Engine.

on July 29, 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo announced, In which Bing would power yahoo search.

6.15% of internet users are using yahoo search engine. So Totally 9.15+% of users using bing Search engine.

Normally search engine receives approximatly 3% of query search. is a Question/Answer formate type of queries.

Some of the best Search engines:,




Internet Archive,

Are you looking to Earn Money From Online with Digital Marketing | Learn Something Best

Money making from online with your talent

Dear friends, Now a days in global everybody is troubling to get  new jobs. After finishing our graduation or post graduation our real life will starts, So you required one good job, So you need to fight with getting good job. Every day we are taking our resume and attending many interviews..finally they will in-form to you, “YOU ARE NOT SELECTED”. Then again you need to start searching for another interview. Automatically your interest will decrease. Obviously it is true.

Why can’t you give job to yourself…?

Automatically in your mind you will get one doubt. Hey Mr. Mohan if i have financial  background why should i attend interviews, i will start own business.  I don’t have money that’s why i am running for getting at least small job. my dear friend you are correct. But really i am telling ” For making money financial background is not required, If you have talent money automatically follows you, If you don’t have talent don’t worry, If you have strong desire to earn good amount of money, automatically you are going to success in your life. And strong desire is not sufficient you must do smart and hard work with patience.

I believe one thing everybody have some min talent are you agree with me or not?  dear friend think one minute about your self and talk with yourself like ” What type of talent i have..? In which topic i have good knowledge..? etc.,” really i am telling defiantly you have knowledge about at least one topic. If it is not i will give one simple story to you.

We all know one of the large animal is Elephant. That much of large animal listen trainer instructions. why? how? When elephant is a little baby and it doesn’t have power that time trainer put big rope around it’s leg. The elephant fight and fight and fight it was failed to break a rope.  One day finally elephant decide i am not capable to break this rope. After deciding that it won’t try anymore.

In our life also same things happening, we are not recognizing our talent. always we are thinking like elephant. Everybody will tell many times i tried but i failed why should i try again anyway i am going to fail. Dear friend  try and try and try until success come to your foot.

Okay, If you are ready to try for getting success in your life. you can continue with next step. if you are thinking like elephant you can skip this page.

How can i earn money with my talent from online…?

Now a days everybody have some basic knowledge in computer and English. Not required very good knowledge at initial stage. If you are continuously doing automatically you will get very good knowledge in computer operating and fluent of English.

Now a days Digital Marketing is booming field in the world. because everybody is  trying to buy from online no one is not interesting to go and buy the product. So automatically online marketing will grow.  why shouldn’t we catch this online marketing/Digital Marketing..? Yes we can catch and we can earn money.

So we need to know about how to do digital marketing…? Hey Mr. Mohan we don’t have time and money to learn about digital marketing course. Dear friend money is not required just give me 1 hour time i will explain in simple way. Just have a look this link: Digital Marketing basic tips with free of cost for your success.   

Then you will get one doubt. Okay i learn digital marketing. What is the benefit for me? how can i earn money from digital marketing..? Don’t worry i will give some different options to you. then you can decide which option is better for you.

Google Adsense with blog or Website:

Blog is nothing but write article about what you well know about any useful topic to users. Like about laptops, movie reviews, mobiles, beauty tips, tourist places, courses, best offers etc.,

Now a days many peoples are earning Lacs of money per month, But with-in a night or with-in a month it is not possible, At least you should work out min 6 months to 1 years for getting reasonable amounts.  Amount is depending on no. of your blog viewers/traffic. For getting traffic you should do proper SEO techniques.

Then you will get one doubt how can i earn money with blog views.?  It is a simple by using Google adsense you can post adds in your website or blog. You will get some % of money when any one clicks on adds. The revenue will increase based on the no. of visitors to your website or blog.

To earn good amount of income from adsense you must do hard work at least 6 months for your blog. This strategy is better for long term business.

Freelancing for Online Money Earning:

If you have good knowledge in Digital Marketing and English, Freelancing is the best way to earn money from home. There are many websites offering best projects with best income. You need to submit bidding and once you get project after completing your project you will get amount.

For getting freelancing projects you should build your own portfolio.

Some of the best freelancing websites


Affiliate Marketing:

In affiliate marketing we can earn money with commission basis. In this method we need  to promote others products and you will get some commission on that sale. You can earn very good amount in this method also. Again i am telling in affiliate marketing also with in a day we can’t earn money. According to your blog or website you can choose affiliate programs.

One of the best affiliate program is Share a sale. Share a sale offers all type of affiliate programs. Just sign up and try.  

Some of the affiliate programs:

Why should i do hard work for success…?

In the above i given 3 major source to online  money earning techniques. But all process if you want to success you must do hard work at least 6 months with patience.

For your understanding i will give small story. We all know about Eagle. It can live up to 70 years.  At the year of 40 its long and sharp beak becomes bent. The feathers become old and thick & Heavy. With thick and heavy feathers it is very difficulty to fly. Now Eagle have only two options 1. DIE or 2. Do painful hard work for change.

The process requires that the eagle fly to a mountain top and then the eagle knocks it’s beak against a rock until its plucks it out. Then eagle will wait for new beak. Then it will pluck out its talons. then it will wait for new talon. once they get new talon after 30 years it can live very beautiful life. For this process eagle required 6 months. If eagle is not ready for spend 6 months for this hard working process it will suffer a lot of problem  for food and etc.,

So my dear friends try to work hard at least 6 months, after that you will get some confidence then automatically you will continue. As a friend i am giving sources to earn money. If you are ready to start blog or website we can continue how to start blog or website. If you are not ready for doing hard work you can skip.

How can i create Website or Blog…?

For creating blog or website there is no required of programming knowledge.

  1. You must buy proper web hosting with free domain name
  2. By using wordpress technology you can create blog or website.

How to buy proper web hosting…?

My dear friend, in market there is a number of web hosting services are available. You must select proper and good web hosting services. Otherwise you will face problem in future. How can we know which web hosting is best in market.  I will suggest one of the popular web hosting Service is Blue Hosting. Check plans: Different plans.

My suggestion for initial stage you choose basic plan with free domain. dear friend unnecessarily we are spending lot of money for unnecessary things. Just one time try defiantly you will success.

Blue host web Hosting with Free domain click and buy with less price.  

Blue host offering 28%  special discount, Use promo code: AFFMAY17 

How can i design my blog with Word press technology…?

One of the popular blogger write this book. how to use word press for creating blog or website  with Rs.66 buy and learn.

The Ultimate WordPress Guide : Start a Perfect Blog in 30 Minutes 

Wish you all the best.

Sales Techniques: Status Quo, How to competent your No. 1 competitor | Learn Something Best

Sales techniques

One professor asked a question to his students “Give me number one reason for business failures.” All students given different answers like Bad management, poor products, bad promotion activities, Lack of capital etc., professor listened to all students answers and finally, he gave one answer for that, Many peoples are failed because of “Lack of Sales“.  that’s it.

In most of the selling products/ environment, If you didn’t get an appointment for the first time to meet a new customer for explaining your products/services it is very critical to get new sales. At least 1 time you need to meet customer then the only customer knows that X company providing this support. Is it correct..? Yes,  Obviously.

To become a successful sales person, You must develop a good base of prospects (Clients) to generate good sales. For getting a good database of prospect cold calling plays the important role and economical way to get appointments with them.

Whatever you are going to sell a product or giving services to prospect, already they are getting from someone then how can I capture that sale.? The solution for that you must fight with your number one biggest competitor.

Fight with Competitor:

First Ask yourself who is your number one competitor in the market..? Your mind tells that X, Y, Z  companies.  you are obviously wrong.  Think one more time. We are our own competitor, my energy level is my competitor, No you are again wrong.

At present your biggest competitor is the “Status Quo“.  Status quo is what peoples are thinking right now or What they are thinking in their mind.  If you are understanding that you are going to be successful. Remember one thing, Potential customers are happy with what they are getting, otherwise, they would be calling you.

Use one formula ” Capture a client pain and gain a sales from client”.

In every business in the world,  client facing some problem/pain from suppliers. Our biggest task in front of us for generating new sales is what type of pains client is facing…, First, you should capture that pain then convert prospect pain to your gain. Finally, both are happy.  Then you will get one doubt. Mr. Mohan this Pain and Gain formula is okay. But how can I know prospect status quo….?

How can I know Clients Status Quo…?

It is a very interesting thing. Shall i explain with practical day to day life example.? Suppose one beggar simply put out his hand in front of Park. Do you think anybody would put money in his hand.? may be one or two peoples would put money. If he held out a cup, Then he will get some more money, If he adds a cup and with the sound of please help me. Obviously, he will get more money. This story illustrates the importance of making more opportunity.

As a sales person if you want to catch more clients you must knock more and more doors. it’s not enough to just talk to people on the phone and see people.  You have to use proper tools.

Thanks for your valuable time for reading this blog, in upcoming blog, i will share more details

In this world only one way to success in your Business Digital Marketing.

Off Page SEO: Getting Quality Backlinks Techniques for Search Engine results | Learn Something Best

off page seo backlinks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays very important role for business promotion. Search Engine Optimization is the best technique to get good traffic to your website in search engines like Google, Bing etc., SEO has 2 major technique to improve traffic to a web page that is on page SEO and off page SEO.

On Page SEO: 

On page SEO is nothing but optimize the Title, Meta description, meta tag, URL, Content, image, heading and internal links.  In a simple way on page technique means building your website to be search engine friendly.

Off Page SEO:

Off page SEO makes your website popular in online, then you will get more visibility. By using  Off Page SEO technique you will get a good position in Search Engine Results.

Being an SEO professional, I hereby suggest some of the important factors get a good result on off page SEO.

Backlink strategies to build your Online Reputation:

Backlink plays a very crucial role to build an online reputation. once you get good  Backlinks from best websites(Good PR, PA, DA) automatically you will good Search Engine Results.

Top 5 ways to get good back links:


1. Ask a Backlinks:

First find out best websites in your circle of friends, associates, partners who have relevant information. Then ask to them ” Give me backlinks to my website”. In this way, you can get more backlinks from your circle.

Where ever you are getting backlinks first you must check their website Page Authority(PA= 25+), Domain Authority(DA=25+).

2. Directory Submissions:

In a simple way Directory is a website, It contains different categorized list of links from all around the world websites. The directory is a very important tool to build your link popularity in search engine results. It is a one way back links source provider, Which are the most powerful backlinks.

In different, we can get backlinks from directories. it’s like paid submissions and Free submissions. If you submitted in paid version with in 1-2 days you will get approval and you will get back links. else you submitted freely in directories it will take 2-3 months to get approval from directories.

3. Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is like online service which allows the user to your site. It is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. If you bookmark your web pages in social bookmarking sites it will give quality backlinks to your web pages. And we know that if are getting quality backlinks automatically your page rage will be an increase.  These are the additional support to your website.

First, we must collect a list of social bookmarking sites in search engines. After making a list doing social book marking is a not tough job. You need to fill all the required specifications about your website or blog like URL, Description etc.,

4. Question & Answer strategy:

By using this technique to getting backlinks is very powerful. If you have good knowledge in specific niche/topic you can share your answers and with that comment, you can get backlinks. In this way rank your answer in search results. If you give more answers then you will get more backlinks. It is a simple way to get traffic try to utilize this type of free backlinks to get more traffic to your website or blog.

Try to answer the questions in Quora like websites. Quora is one of the best question and answer websites for all niche/ Topic. And try to search question and answer website and make a list and submit your answers with your website links.

5. Press release:

The press release is one of the ways to get backlinks.  You must collect press release websites then you should release your new updates in press release websites. It will be helpful to your search engine optimization process.

Bonus Tips:

  • Getting backing to your website or Blog is play very important role in getting a good position in search engine results.
  • First list out getting backlinks techniques like Ask a backlink, Directory submissions, Niche directory submissions, Social Bookmarking, Classified posting, Question and answering, Press release etc.,
  • After list outing, all backlinks techniques, Try to get more websites for each technique and list out and submit your pages.
  • The quantity of backlinks is not a major thing, getting Quality of Backlinks is very important for the search Engine optimization process. When ever you are submitting your web page for getting backlink first check DA(25+) and PA(25+) then submit, don’t prefer low-quality backlinks.


Off Page SEO or Optimization: Importance of Off page seo, Backlinks, Types of Backlinks | Learn Something Best

Off Page optimization seo

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the website for Search engine. Based on this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you will get top position in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., Once you will get a good position in search engines automatically you will get good leads and sales. In Search Engine Optimization 2 techniques are very important and it plays very important role in SEO Process.

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO:

On Page SEO or On Page Optimization is nothing but as per search engine rules and regulation we should optimize our websites. In on page SEO, we need to optimize the Domain name,  Speed of the website,  URL optimization, Title tag optimization, Meta Description,  Content optimization, Image Optimization, Heading optimization etc., If we optimize these automatically somewhat you will get a good position in Search Engines. All web page elements you can control in order to make it visible to search engines.

If you want to get a very good position in Search Engines, on page optimization is not enough for getting the good position we need to do Off Page SEO or Off page Optimization.


Off page SEO or Off Page Optimization is a process of building back links to our website is called as Off page SEO or Off Page Optimization. It gives back end support to your website to get good position in search engines. Off page, SEO is vital for getting good traffic to your website. It plays a crucial role to get the good ranking from search engine to your website.

If you do proper off page SEO for your website you will get good rank in search engines results. and you will get better Page Rank also. Page rank is one of the factors in search engine algorithms.

“In a simple way On Page SEO doing front end work for website and Off page SEO doing back end work for website”


In Off Page SEO,  Backlinks plays very important role,   A backlinks are one of the regular usage words in the world of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want to get good value to your website. Indirectly it depends on No. of good back links.

Backlink building is the most powerful and effective in off page SEO. If you build external links to your web page you are trying to gather more references with this reference easily you can get more leads. Then easily you can bypass your competitor and you will get good rank in search engines.

“In Simple way, if web page/website links to any other sites/page is called a Backlinks” 

Types of Backlinks:

There are three types of backlinks are there

One way Backlinks: It is a most powerful and valuable type of Backlinks. In Simple way suppose you joined in X Institute and successfully you completed your course after finishing your course you referred your friend to join that X Institute. Just you referred your friend.

One Way Backlinks

In the same way, good websites give back links to your website. You must remember to try to get backlinks from Good Page Rank(5+) Website or Good PA or DA (25%+).

Two-way Backlinks: In a simple way With the same example suppose you joined one X Institute and successfully you completed your course after finishing your course you referred your friend or others to join that X Institute. But based on no. references you will get some percentage of Commissions from X Institute. This type of Backlinks harm for your website.

Three-way Backlinks: Three way backlinks is nothing but “A Company” gives backlinks to “B company” and “B company” gives backlink to “C Company” and “C company” gives backlinks to “A Company”. It is like chain process. This type of backlinks also not good for your websites.

Three way Backlinks

Above 3 backlinks in a chain, the process is called as multi backlinks.

XML Sitemap Need for Getting good Position in Search Engine, Using Yoast SEO Plugin | Learn Something Best


xml Sitemap

What is the XML sitemap? why should I use XML sitemap for my website? how it will be useful to Search Engine ranking.? How to create XML  sitemap? etc., with these questions are you confusing,

Then you are in right place to learn this concept. Don’t worry friends I will explain in a simple manner. After 5 min you will get some idea about all your questions related to sitemaps. Are you ready…? Yes, good.

Suppose you received one interview call from one X company in the big city. You reached that address in that place one big building is there nearly 20 floors.  But you don’t know in which floor X Company is there. But nearby no one is not there to guide you. So you need to check each and every floor after a long time finally you will reach X Company. It is very difficult for new persons is it right…? Yes absolutely.

If someone prepared one building sitemap means in which floor which companies are there with Number. Then easily and directly you can reach your X Company. Is it true or not.? Absolutely it is true. It is very helpful to new persons also.

In this way,  Suppose in your website nearly 100+ pages are there. It is difficult to search engine to crawl the each and every page one by one.  It will take the time to crawl your website. If we have given sitemap to Search Engine then crawler will happy because you reduced their work.

Then this sitemap is helpful to search engine indirectly you are helping to User also. Automatically you will get a good position in Search Engine. These are small things in your point of view If you want to get a good position in Search Engine doesn’t neglect even small technique also.

In Simple way Sitemap is nothing but it is a just a map for your website. In the single page you show all your website links and sections etc., Sitemap makes a navigate your website easier. This sitemap on your website is good for your valuable user and Search Engine.

A sitemap is a very important way of communication with Search Engines. With your sitemap, you can give navigation to your search engine.

A sitemap is not only for navigation purpose. If any changes happened in your website immediately it will communicate with Search Engine. These things are very helpful to get a good position in search engine.

Okay, you cleared all sitemap basic details. Then how to enable XML sitemap in WordPress.

Enable XML Sitemap in WordPress:

If you are using WordPress technology for your website design, In simple plugins, we can enable XML Sitemap.

XML: eXtensible Markup Language.

Steps to Enable XML Sitemap in WordPress:

  1. Log in your WordPress website. After login, you will get ‘Dash Board” on the left-hand side.  Then in menu Click ‘SEO‘.
  2. In SEO option  Click on “XML Sitemap”.
  3. Enable the Sitemap Functionality.

XML Sitemap in Yoast seo plugin

4. After enabling, the screen automatically expands with additional options for the sitemaps.

5. View your new XML sitemap by clicking the ‘XML Sitemap’ button.


Website Link update in Search Engines:

  • Google is our top search engine in global. If you want to update your link submit in Google Console.
  • If you want an update in One of the search engine Bing submit in Bing Webmaster Tool.


SEO On Page Optimization: Content Optimization, Heading, Image Optimization, Internal Link | Learn Something Best

Content optimization -On Page Optimization-SEO

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), on page optimization plays very important role. If you want to get good position in Search Engine we must do some on page Optimization activity like URL Optimization, Title tag Optimization, Meta description optimization, and We need to learn very powerful and important on page optimization like Content optimization, Heading Optimization, image optimization, link optimization etc.,

Content Optimization:

Content optimization plays very important role in on page optimization as well as in Search Engine Optimization. Suppose you wish to write one content about one product or one website or One Blog. If you want to get good Position in search Engine you should check with your content is it optimized or not. If you are ready to optimize your content you should follow some of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  rules and regulations for content optimization then only you will get good position in Search Engine (SE).

  • Your content must be Unique. Other wise it will be effected by google panda update.
  • Your content must be minimum 300 words otherwise it will be consider as a Thin content.

Keyword Frequency/Density:

Keyword Frequency is nothing but number of times given keyword is repeated in the page. If you used properly and repeatedly the given keywords with attractive sentences automatically you will get good position in Search Engines.

Keyword Density is nothing but the percentage (%) of the keywords in the content.  Density of the page between 1% to 4% is Good for Search Engine Ranking.

Tool for Keyword Frequency/Density:

By using this tool you can check how many times we used keywords in one page. What is  density of keyword.

Heading Optimization:

For writing content we have different time of Headings Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, Heading 6. Heading optimization also one of the important part in On Page Optimization.

  • Always try to use keywords in Headings. That also give good result in search engine.
  • Every page must have at least one Heading 1 tag.
  • You can use multiple Heading 2 tag and heading 3 tag in the page.

Image Optimization:

Image optimization also one of the part in On Page Optimization.  If you want to good position in search Engine we must follow small optimization technique also.

  • Try to use at least one image in a page.
  • Use the name of the image with Keywords.
  • Try to use ALT Attribute with keyword.

Internal Links:

Internal Links improve the quality of the page. It is  helpful  to on page optimization in Search Engine Optimization Process.

Internal links means you are going to give reference to your other page in the same website. It is also very useful in content optimization.

If we done above mentioned all Search Engine Optimization techniques like URL Optimization, Title tag optimization, Meta tag Optimization, Content optimization properly  really you will get very good position in the  Search Engine.


Best WordPress Hosting: WP Engine, Risk free for 60 Days | Learn Something Best

Learn Something Best

Dear friends, Are you going to start a business? or Are you become a good blogger?  If you want to success in business or blog  you want one place to show your business activities or services or your blogs. That means you required one effective Website.

What is Website..?

Website is an interface for communication between you and your targeted audience.  Website is a very important for any business promotion to show your products and services. It is like a mediator between customer and Seller.

To create a website there different type technologies are there like Word press, html, css, joomla etc.,

Everybody always think to create website in easy, effective and attractive. We have one of the best and easy technology is there it is nothing but WORD PRESS.

In previous days if you want to create a website you must know about coding. But now by using wordpress without any coding you can create better websites in simple way.

Okay suppose you decided to create a website for your business or blogging with wordpress. Then how to buy a best wordpress hosting.? Yes you are right. Selection of best wordpress hosting also one of the biggest task infront of you. There are no. of hosting providers are there in global but which hosting provider is good as per best price and best service support 24/7. Some of the best hosting providers are there in global. One of the Best wordpress hosting provider is WP Engine.

WP Engine:

WP Engine is one of the best wordpress hosting provider in global.  They are offering different hosting  packages for wordpress sites. Based on you business/traffic you can select your packages.

WP Engine Plans: 

If you want to maintain a personal blog or brand awareness website or product and service promotion website based on your requirement  WP Engine will provide wordpress hosting with best price.

WP Engine plans are fit for different client needs and budget. WP Engine giving challenging offer that is ” If you are not happy with WP Engine after 60days WP Engine will refund your money 100%”.

For WP Engine plans—–> Click Here

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On Page Optimization: URL, Title Tag, Meta Tag optimization in SEO Process.

Learn Something Best | LSB

In Search engine process on page optimization plays very important role. so today we are going to learn about basics of on page optimization important factors.

URL Optimization: 

Already you well know about URL. URL is nothing but a unique address to any website pages. URL optimization plays one of the important role in on page optimization. why we required unique URL for each page in  our website.?  Suppose in our website we have nearly 100+ pages, So you should give separate URL to each and every page. Based on project there are two type URL optimizations are there 1. Static 2. Dynamic

  • Static URL(SEO friendly URL’s):  Static URL is nothing but the name of URL is mentioned in simple words.

Example:                     {Static is preferable}

  • Dynamic URL: Dynamic URL’s is nothing but the name of URL is mentioned with some values and parameters.


If you want to do proper URL optimization we need to follow some of the important rules and regulations. Then only  we can get in top position in search engine.

  1. Already you listed out some of the keyword by using keyword research tool. Try to use target keywords in the URL.
  2. Use multiple keywords by using syllable ” ” .  For example: keyword-research
  3. Always use small letters for URL to avoid duplication.
  4. Avoid using space between the letter of URL. if you given space between 2 letters it take Space=%20.
  5. In wordpress we can convert dynamic URL to Static URL by using permalink.

Title Tag Optimization: 

Title tag optimization also one of the important role in SEO Process. Coming to one practical example  when ever we reading news paper our interest is depending on attractive head lines only.  If head line is boring automatically our interest will go down. In the same in Search engine also Title tag plays important role.

If you do search engine friendly Title tag optimization in SEO Process you will get in top position in search engine. For doing  proper Title tag optimization  in SEO process we must follow some of the important rules and regulations.

  1. You must use target keywords in title tag. Then only search engine caches keywords easily.
  2. The length of title tag is 55 characters.
  3. Use combination of keywords in Title Tag to rank.
  4. Keywords can be separate with some symbols like ” : ” or ” – ” or ” ,” or ” | “.
  5. End the title tag with Brand name for brand awareness.

In WordPress by using yoast plugin  easily we can do this title tag optimization.

Meta Tag Optimization:

When ever we attending interviews, with 2 min interviewer will decide he/she’ s talent is useful to our company or not. You need to present your talent/ subject with in 2 min. Similarly when ever user searching some query in search engine with in seconds user will decide this page is suitable to our query or not. So that  by using meta tag we must  present in short way what type of content is there in this page and how it will be helpful to your requirement/query in simple way you must present to your user. Meta tag is provide some additional information to Search Engine optimization (SEO).

For doing proper Meta tag optimization we need to follow some important rules and regulations.

  1. It should be summery of page in search engine. Then only user will decide this page is worthy or not for their query.
  2.  The length of meta tag description is 155 characters.
  3. Try to use more keywords in meta tag description.
  4.  Try to present unique points about your business in meta tag description.

How to do practically this URL optimization, Title tag optimization and Meta tag optimization:

If you are using WordPress for your website, For this SEO process you just install yoast SEO plugin and directly you can enter the keywords.

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